Track our progress throughout the duration of the CANCOV study. We will continue to update our progress as we get more participants. Learn more about the number of participants from each province. For more information about the cohorts participating in our study, please visit Our Research.

We currently have 2176 total participants enrolled in our study across Canada. There are 873 non-hospitalized participants and 346 hospitalized participants. There are currently 395 participants in the intensive care unit (ICU). In addition, there are 103 caregivers enrolled in our study. This includes 78 in the ICU and 25 non-hospitalized. Lastly, there are 459 participants enrolled in antibody studies (presumed COVID).

Participants Per Site



The first study describing adult hospitalizations for COVID-19 in Canada. Collected electronic data from 7 hospitals: 1,027 adults with COVID-19 and 783 adults with influenza. This represented nearly 25% of all hospitalizations for COVID-19 in Ontario in the first wave.
Median age: 65, 20 per cent less than, 50, 32 per cent over 75. 59 per cent male. 12 per cent live in long-term care. 35 per cent have hypertension. 28 per cent have diabetes. 51 per cent live in lower income neighborhoods.
COVID-19 is severe in patients who are hospitalized. 9 days median hospital stay. 20 per cent died in hospital. 26 per cent received intensive care. 19 per cent needed a ventilator. 9 per cent re-hospitalized within 30 days.
COVID019 is much more severe than influenza. 3.5 times greater mortality. 1.5 times greater ICU. 1.5 times longer hospital stay.
COVID-19 is more severe in older adults, but still very serious in younger adults.
Simple risk scores can predict in-hospital mortality in COVID-19. Age plus gender plus comorbidities plus presenting vital signs and lab tests.